Retirement Law: 86 Trade Union branches hold emergency meeting as UGTA turns its back on Government

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icon-writer By: Imène Aouimer /*/ English Version: Med.B.

Delegates of 86 Trade Union branches of the industrial area of Rouiba, east of Algiers, and who represent more than 32 thousand workers, held on Wednesday an emergency meeting to express the total rejection of the workers of the amendments listed on Government’s new retirement law, which is currently at the level of the lower house of Parliament for a free-wheeling debate involving all the stakeholders.

The workers' representatives expressed on the occasion their utter discontent at the government’s recent decision to abolish retirement without age requirement, and warned that the workers’ wrath over this vexed issue is boiling by leaps and bounds.

The Secretary General of the local union of the central trade union of the Rouiba industrial zone Mr Maasoudi Mekdad, told “Echorouk” said that the emergency meeting, focused on two main points: firstly, the categorical rejection of the amendments brought to the retirement law without age requirement, saying "it is obviously unfair to see someone who had worked for 32 years but he couldn’t go into retirement just because his age hasn’t reached sixty”.

He added that that the Government has other alternatives and options to "save" the national pension fund (CNR) from bankruptcy by forcing notably companies of the private sector to declare overtly their wage statements, or revamping the system of family allowances, or opting for other remedial solutions.

The second point of the agenda of the meeting dealt with the issue of denying the right to union representation within private companies, he asserted.

The broad-based Rouiba meeting was also attended by a representative of the leadership of the central workers’ trade union (UGTA) namely Mr Ammar Takjout, who expressed backing for the demand of the disgruntled workers on the occasion.

He described in a statement to “Echorouk” the Government's intention to cancel the early retirement option as a strange and sudden decision, stressing that the authorities concerned didn’t study the matter from all aspects notably for the medium term at least.

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