Ben Tahar: information system to fight corruption among customs executives

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icon-writer By: Fatah. A. / English version: M. A.

Customs General Director Kaddour Ben Tahar said the new law on customs includes many measures to counter corruption. Customs procedures will be digitalized to determine human intervention.

“Electronic declaration and one shop for economic operators will be created. This will reduce contact between economic operators and customs agents. That means less corruption,” Ben Tahar said in a seminar.

“The new law will simplify procedures to end bureaucracy and adopt a new information system which would include all the customs actions. There is a need for training sessions about reducing corruption by teaching principal and ethics,” he added.

He also said Customs administration strategic plan 2016-2019 gives a big importance to ethics and professional behaviour. It also reinforces internal surveillance.

Customs administration and the Central Office for Corruption Repression organized training sessions for 1,200 customs graduates in 2016.

Ben Tahar also said customs administration benefited from a large number of training sessions as part of the national program for raising awareness about corruption.

A total of 410 employees took those courses while the number is expected to reach 1,800.

In 2015, four corruption cases were reported among customs agents compared to three in 2014, five in 2013 and four in 2012.

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