Civil Protection: Contest To Recruit A Thousand Agents In The Course Of 2017

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icon-writer By: Imène Aouimer /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Director-General of Civil Protection, Colonel Mustafa Lahbiri, has spoken of a projected open contest for the recruitment of 1,000 new civil protection agents covering the 48 provinces of Algeria, under the fiscal year 2017.

He indicated in this connection that his services had managed to "grab" only this new limited quota of new civil protection agents because of the woeful economic juncture now besetting the country, thus making it compulsory for the Government to slash the number of employment positions until further notice.

He said in a statement to “Echorouk” on the sidelines of the governmental meeting with the Walis or Governors of the Republic held at the Palace of Nations on the western coast of Algiers earlier this week, that his services were intent on hiring a thousand civil protection agents scattered across the 48 provinces of the country after being given the green light to this effect by the relevant authorities.

Previously, the Directorate-General of Civil Protection decided to refrain from organizing open recruitments in the civil protection sector, because of the priority given to the composition of those officers on duty who were promoted to various higher grades.

The Finance draft law 2017, has drastically curtailed the percentage of open positions for new employment in all sectors of activity, and this decision was based on the Government’s presentation of the causes of the dire financial crisis that the country has been grappling with since the scathing collapse of oil prices in September 2014.

However, the Government excluded from this curbing contingency the vital sectors of education and health by allowing the allocation of 10 thousand new job positions in the course of the year 2017.

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