Deputies hail president and army during financial draft act discussion

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icon-writer By: Imene Aouimer / English version: M. A.

The People’s National Assembly Tuesday continued its second session to examine the financial draft act 2017. No proposition neither constructive criticism was made. The atmosphere was characterized by the next legislative elections talk. Most of the deputies talked about hailing the President and the army rather than discussing the State’s budget 2017 and taxes.

Some deputies’ presence has not been noticed for five years. Yet, they tried to show themselves to media cameras five months before the end of the parliamentary term. They focused on development programs in their municipalities and towns. They criticized the government for freezing projects and called for the necessity of boosting development in spite of the economic crisis.

A debate was raised during the session between pro-government and opposition parties. Opposition deputies focused on holding power parties responsible for the financial draft act contents and trying to raise “hunger” among the Algerian people. The majority deputies responded, saying the FLN party stood by the side of the State and the President’s program.

Deputy Akila Rabhi criticized the opposition parties, saying “Where is that hunger you are talking about? People are bored of your discourse. You have no program to show them.”

In response to a call to reduce deputies’ pay in solidarity with the State’s critical situation, Rabhi showed opposition saying deputies did not come to Parliament to gain money.

The FFS party’s representative Noura Mahiout said there is a need to stop “improvisation policies and force businessmen to set back loans.

The RND party’s representative Kada Djlid held the opposition parties responsible for exploiting the financial act in the legislative elections campaign 2017.

“Algerians can show solidarity with their country. They can accept taxes provided that the State protects vulnerable people and continues social support policy,” he said.

Finance minister Hadji Baba Ami found himself in a “useless” debate and no one proposed changes to face taxes raise.

The Assembly will continue its third and last plenary session Wednesday to hear parliamentary group chiefs and the finance minister’s response. Deputies will vote on the draft act next Tuesday.

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