Saudi Government Did Not Abolish The 2000 SR Tax That is Imposed On Algerian Pilgrims

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icon-writer Zahira Madjrab/English version: Dalila Henache

Tourist agencies' owners did not expect a big drop in the rate of pilgrims in the Umrah season, although it coincided next month with the launch of many agencies in the promotion of Umrah of the Prophet Mohamad's birth, but it did not register many requests after the Saudi government insisted on imposing the new fees that are worth 2000 SR imposed on pilgrims.

In this regard, a diplomatic source at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Algeria, said they did not receive instructions from the Saudi government to abolish the new fees on Umrah, such as what was promoted, since two days ago in some of the media, and these fees were imposed on the person who performed Umrah more than once in a matter of three years, and this is verified through a special system at the embassy, ​as ​once carrying passports to give the Umrah visa to pilgrims, their information is inserted and checked if they are concerned to pay them first, especially since the pilgrim is excluded for the first time from it.

This was confirmed by the Chairman of the National Syndicate of Travel Agencies, Elias Sanusi, as the news of cancelling the new fee is unfounded, and the kingdom is still sticking to it, as these fees have largely influenced and directly on the turnout and registration in the Umrah, as the head of the Tourism Agencies syndicate expected a reduced number of pilgrims from 50 to 70% compared to previous years, which is a very large percentage.

Sanusi added that the fees that were set by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia worth 2000 SR, and they weighed on the pilgrims and are not compatible with the ability of Algerian simple citizens and other Arab countries, which are the category of people who are mostly reluctant on the holy sites, as the Algerian pilgrim is forced to pay $ 10 million DZD, just as the price of visa, not to mention the travel, accommodation and other expenses as well.

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