Sellal: Algerians will defend holy places in Saudi Arabia

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icon-writer By: Mohamed Lahouazi / English version: M. A.

Prime Minister Wednesday said the Algerian people « will react as one man to defend the holy places if it faces any terror threat.”

Sellal is on a three-day visit to Ryadh. He attended a meeting between Algerian and Saudi economic operators.

“Defending Islamic holy places is something sacred for us,” he added.

Earlier, Saudi authorities reported that Yemen’s Houthis targeted Mecca by a rocket intercepted by the Saudi army.

Algeria has already condemned Houthi attacks on the holy place. 

Abdelaziz Ben Al Cherif, a spokesman for the Algerian foreign ministry told Algeria News Agency (APS) that he followed with big anxiety news about an attempt to target Mecca.

“We firmly condemn any attempt to target our religion precepts and our Muslim nation’s holy places. We denounce violent acts which provoke Muslims’ feeling and go in contradiction with Islam’s tolerance,” he said.

Earlier in October, Yemen’s Houthis targeted Mecca. Yet, alliance air defence forces destroyed the rocket which was 65 kilometres away. The Houthis said the rocket targeted the Jeddah Airport and not Mecca.

This attack raised a wave of anger in the Muslim world. The Gulf Cooperation Council condemned it, saying it shows that Houthis refuse to obey the international community.

Bahrein, Sudan, Palestine, Morocco, Qatar, Kuweit, Jordan, Egypt, the Yemeni foreign ministry, Al-Azhar, Tunisia’s Nahda movement and Sunni scholars in Iraq denounced the attack, saying it provoked Muslims’ feeling in all over the world. They described it as a criminal action.

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