Global Assessment Report: Algeria "safer" than France and Germany

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icon-writer By: Massoud Hedna /*/ English Version: Med.B.

A recently-published Australian report on the "most countries affected by the terrorism scourge", showed that Algeria offers a larger degree of safety on its soil compared to some European countries where the degree of security used to be very high.

The Australian Institute’s "Think Tank Report on the Economy and Peace, stated," In its latest report related to the current year, that the terrorist acts in the world fell to 10 percent in 2015, the first slump since 2010, and pointed out that more countries have benefited from this salutary decline, with on focus Algeria, which ranked 42, ahead of France, which came in at 49, while Germany ranked 41.

The report referred to terrorist chieftain Mokhtar Belmokhtar nicknamed "Belaouar", operating in the Sahel region, saying, "this terrorist ringleader benefited from several ransom payments between 2003 and 2012," adding that the so-called "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb", (“Aqmi”) which he led, "earned" around $ 90 million dollars  stemming from wanton acts of kidnapping of tourists and foreign workers.

According to the assessment Index report, the so-called "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" terrorist group benefited from the fall of the regime in Libya and the spread of chaos there, thus spawning large arms smuggling activities in the Sahel region in general, allowing it to finance itself and hatch its own military schemings as well.

Almost 30,000 people died in terrorist attacks last year and the global economic impact was just shy of AU$120 billion, the report said.

Those are the key findings of the annual Global Terrorism Index—a comprehensive snapshot of extremist trends worldwide.

With ISIS “Daesh” terrorist group exporting its terror to Europe, there's been an incredible 650 per cent increase in deaths from the terrorism plague in OECD countries.

The index says that while the overall number of people who died from terrorist attacks declined year-on-year in 2015, the impact of those attacks was larger.

The Global Terrorism Index is the world’s leading metric for policymakers, assisting in their efforts to track, understand and measure the impact and underlying drivers of terrorism.

This year’s report explores the economic impact of terrorism on global and national economies, and provides a comprehensive overview of the current terrorist threat, exploring the nefarious impact of “ISIS” (“Daesh”), “Boko Haram”, “Aqmi” and other non-state terrorist organizations.

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