Sellal: security check points will be maintained

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icon-writer By: Abdesselam Sakia / English version: M. A.

Algeria’s Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal Thursday said road check points are part of “traditional and ordinary” mission of security forces to ensure the safety of persons and properties and prevention against traffic accidents.

“Check points are part of traditional and ordinary mission of security forces to protect persons and properties and ensure the safety of security levels,” minister of relations with Parliament Ghania Dalia told Parliament on behald of the Prime Minister.

A member of Parliament complained about what his said a “negative effect of those check points.”

The minister said check points do not have any impact on investors’ activity. A few days ago, the terror attack which killed three victims in Oum El-Bouagui. “This was caused by the lack of security.”

Sellal said security forces stepped up security measures following deadly road accidents. Those measures would offer extreme road safety for traffic users.

He called on road users to “understand the situation,” saying the number of check points is monthly programmed and does not exceed its normal average.

He added that public authorities deal with increasing traffic accidents. A set of measures and operational procedures will be set and Law 14-01 on road traffic organization will be revised.


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