Citizens Ask For The Opening Of Borders With Libya Southern Algeria

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icon-writer By: Touahria. B. / English version: Dalila Henache

Citizens gathered on Thursday in the city of Djanet in Illizi (Southern Algeria), to demand the opening of the Algerian-Libyan border, for families and for humanitarian aid, as these citizens are mostly elderly and youth, raise their concern for officials, and they were received by officials in the operational sector of Djanet as a first stage, where their representatives asked for opening the border for families who move between the border cities.

This area contains families with human relationships between the two countries, and there are many cases of affinity, while those citizens said that their demand also aims to help humanitarian cases for treatment or to provide medications or other stuff, where patients suffer behind the border from many problems, especially the owners of chronic diseases, according to some citizens there.

Following the meeting, which was organized with the officials, citizens representative meet with the chairman of Djanet District, to discuss the same concern in the absence of the province's governor, who is in a task outside the region, where officials pledged to deliver the concern to the higher authorities of the country, given the task of opening movement at the border gate level, as these powers are beyond the scope of local officials, and enter directly into the central decisions of the state, because of the sensitivity that of this subject, in light of fears of the damage and the consequences that may result from the opening of the border, but the owners of this initiative who ask for the opening of the border, confirmed that they understand the concern of the State to maintain security and tranquility in the region, considering that they will not spare any effort to help the state services in this task after opening the border in an organized and legal manner, considering that their demand is social and humanitarian, and does not exceed overcoming the troubles for the citizens, and relatives of patients and those who need help of citizens and authorities.

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