Algerian Movie Supports Palestine In New Delhi Festival

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icon-writer By: Sid Ahmed Fellahi / English version: Dalila Henache

Members of the Algerian short film "Peace" succeeded in attracting the audience during their participation, last week, in the activities of the fifth edition of the International Film Festival in New Delhi, India, thanks to the work they prepared in this strong competition with the participation of 51 countries, as Algeria was the only Arab participant country.

Idea of ​​the film is the defense of the Palestinian cause, as the film's producer, Akrami Abdelkader, who is the hero of the work said it is directed by Saridj Abdelhamid, and the scenarist is Bahi Rima, and Fotouhi Farid, and it tells the story of a Palestinian dumb prisoner who is exposed to various types of torture by members of the Israeli army, and the severity of torture makes the prisoner utter the word peace, a white dove flies amid astonishment of the soldiers who were in the torture chamber until it poses on the flag of Palestine in an exciting snapshot.

Although the film is silent and contains only two minutes of time, but it was able to transfer the message to peoples that the Palestinians are looking for peace and safety, like the rest of the people who enjoy peace and tranquility.

Algerian film was awarded best production movie, while the American film got the first award, the work in which the faces of young graduated from the theater appear, including Khebar Abdelkarim, the singer Ben Kamla Marsilia, Houari Maddah, Derfouf Moustafa, and Adjroudi Nassim, while the imaging task was done by Mezari Abdelkader, and the special effects by Mimoune Fatima Zohra, while the writer is Medjadi Kheira.

Same team is preparing a long film entitled the "Issue No. 122", that addressed the organized crime, as the Culture Ministry approved on the artwork, but the only drawback is the material problem.

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