Circumstantial calming down between Algeria and Morocco

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icon-writer By: Abdesselam Sakia / English version: M. A.

Algeria’s President Abdelaziz Bouteflika told Morocco’s King Mohamed the Sixth he will always work to consolidate « brotherhood and solidarity links between our two countries. We will also continue building our Arab Maghreb Union to serve common issues of our countries. »

“Circumstantial" rapprochement between Algiers and Rabat continued through a letter sent by President Bouteflika to Mohamed the Sixth. This happened on Morocco’s Independence Day.

President Bouteflika renewed his resolve to consolidate brotherhood and solidarity relations between the two countries. He also promised to continue building the Arab Maghreb Union.

“On the Moroccan people’s Independence Day, I am pleased to express my sincere congratulations and wishes for you and your honourable royal family of happiness and good health. I also wish more progress, growth and prosperity for your people under your leadership,” said President Bouteflika in his congratulations letter.

“I share your joy on this happy day. I remember the Moroccan people’s sacrifices to be free and live in dignity. I pray Allah that he blesses all those who were killed to defend their nation,” he added.

“It is also a pleasant opportunity to renew our continuous will and resolve to consolidate brotherhood and solidarity between our two countries. This aims at meeting our people’s expectations,” he also said.

Earlier, President Bouteflika assigned the Senate’s President Abdeklader Ben Salah and foreign minister Ramtane Lamamra to represent him in the climate conference held in Marrackech.

This comes to end a boycott announced by Algeria towards events in Morocco.

Few days ago, Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said Algeria wants a direct dialogue with Morocco. This shows an improvement in relations between the two countries and was reflected on officials’ position in Morocco.

Former Moroccan minister Khaled Nacer and Saad Eddine Othmani expressed satisfaction over the Algerian discourse.

This comes as Mohamed the Sicth will pay a visit to a number of important African countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria. They all support the Polisario Front. 

The Moroccan King will visit those countries for the first time since he was in power in 1999 to succeed his father Hassan II.

This tour is mean to help Morocco to join the African Union. Earlier, it had quitted the former structure in the continent called the Organisation of African Unity.

The Moroccan King tries to skip the African Union’s resolutions to find a seat in it. He still denies the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic’s membership. This is rejected by member states in the Union.


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