Military Institution Warns Of Attempts To Destroy Armed Forces Unity

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icon-writer Abderrazzak.B/English version: Dalila Henache

Military institution confirmed that the unity between the armed forces and people is too powerful than the attempts to sow confusion and disturb the discipline of the armed forces in the performance of constitutional duties.

According to the article that was published by the latest number of Al Djeiche (Armed forces) Magazine under the title "National People's Army...Loyalty to constitutional duties"; "Cohesion between the National People's Army and the Algerians and loyalty to the homeland are stronger and deeper than the miserable attempts to sow discord and confusion".

"Voices were driven by narrow interests and personal accounts asking the army openly to violate the Constitution and the law to allow them to achieve what they failed to achieve through the constitutional, legal and democratic means".

Al Djeiche magazine did not name these parties, but it was a clear signal that it is a signal of invitations that were issued in 2013 and 2014 from opponents to the intervention of the army and the application of Article 88 (in the previous version of the Constitution), to declare the vacancy of the presidency after the president Bouteflika became ill.

According to the military institution, these calls were repeated during the current phase, as "after the failure of these parties to achieve their desperate attempts, these parties always tend to fish in troubled waters to express wishes and fantasies of creating and weaving fanciful stories that affect the credibility and integrity of the National People's Army and its discipline and commitment to the performance of its constitutional duties".

Same article did not include more clarification about the identity of these parties, or even what it meant by fictional stories that were published, but it was clearly that they are a hint of what was published of comments and even leaks about the changes in the military leadership in the recent times.

According to the mouthpiece of the military institution; "National People's Army knows well that the strength, cohesion and harmony of its formations, institutions and units prevented the achievement of purposes of Algeria's enemies, and their malicious purposes, especially in these perilous circumstances that are full of threats to the various stakeholders and that require the unity of the different national forces to protect the country's interests".

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