Algeria Loses $ 3 Billion Due To Weak Tourism Services

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icon-writer B.Touahria/English version: Dalila Henache

Tourism and Handicraft Minister, Abdelouahab Nouri, admitted the loss that he described as scandalous, because the Algerians left their country in search of other tourist destinations to spend their holidays and annual vacations, saying that the lost in this sector reached $ 3 billion because of this phenomenon.

He attributed the problem of weakness in attracting tourists from homeland to the considerations that he described as objective, which are all linked to the quality of service that is provided for national tourists, especially, as the challenge of the sector's officials is attracting Algerian tourists to the weakness of tourist flow towards the southern states, in contrast to what it was before 15 years ago, due to security considerations in the region, a situation that greatly improved in the recent years, making the sector reconstitutes part, even a little, of its glory in attracting European tourists after the registration of hundreds of tourists who flock to the South in the current tourist season, especially the Tassili region, although it is not sufficient according to the considerations and capabilities that are contained in this area.

Tourism Sector Is Still Suffering From Countless Problems

For their part, tourism sector operators in Tassili said they expressed the troubles which are still contributing to the poor and the downturn in tourism, and apart from the problems that are associated with the general environment, which has projections on tourism in all the world, regarding security aspects, but that certain problems persisted.

"Measures that were taken by the government are inadequate, especially as they relate to the problems of the granting of visas to foreign nationals who are wishing to visit the region".

Tourism Minister's visit to Tamanrasset and Djanet (southern Algeria), which are considered the most beautiful tourist areas in the south of Algeria, revealed significant challenges that are awaiting those who are in charge of the sector and which must be made on several topics, including the need to intensify the promotion of tourism through exhibitions, large media, resolving problems and facilitating access to the region, through reviewing the tickets' prices, and visa problems, and changing attitudes among managers in the tourism process, especially at the sites and tourist facilities, and facilitate access to prescription of tourist trader, improve and expand the reception size, as all these goals, according to the minister, should be realized by creating workshops to study each file separately, and organize a national meeting with the owners of tourist agencies in the south, to talk, and prepare a road map that allows the return of the glories of tourism in the south, as it was done in the past.

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