Mohamed El Ghazi: "Algeria Paid All Its Debts To The French Hospitals"

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icon-writer A.Bouchrif/English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria has paid all the outstanding debts to the French hospitals, as they got the full dues, Labor, Employment and Social Security Minister, Mohamed El Ghazi, said on Sunday, during his inspection visit to Telemcen (Western Algeria),

El Ghazi removes all doubt about Algeria's debts for the French hospitals, and revealed that all expenses of treatment were paid.

"A joint committee between the two countries led the payment of all debts".

French Health Ministry raised the issue of the debts since two years ago, but some parties in this country exploited this to tarnish the image of Algeria. But the answer this time was from the Algerian side through the Minister of Labor, who categorically refuted the existence of any debts to French hospitals.

El Ghazi spoke about the relative retirement issue that concerns the labor class, asserting that the draft law is at the parliament's table for approval, waiting for the presidential decree, which will be signed by President of the Republic, after the completion of all procedures, as this law will be in effect by the beginning of next year.

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