French Draft Law Accuses Algeria Of Committing "Massacres" Against Harkis After Independence

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icon-writer Hassen Houicha/English version: Dalila Henache

French National Assembly "parliament" presented a new draft law that recognizes the responsibility of France in what it described as the collective massacres against Harkis and their families who stayed in Algeria, who were neglected by France after Algeria's independence, and to recognize the sacrifices of those Muslims who fought with France and remain faithful to it.

French bill came in the form of a single article which stipulates that France recognizes the responsibility of the French government in neglecting Harkis, and the massacres against those who stayed in Algeria, and the inhuman conditions of the reception of Harkis who were deported to France.

French draft law was signed by 25 MPs of the National Assembly along the lines with Kader Arif, former French State Secretary for War Veterans, the son of a Harki who was born in Algiers in 1959, and other MPs from the Socialist party, in particular, along the lines with Kheira Bouziane Laroussi, who was born in Oran in 1953, and other MPs.

French bill was registered by the French National Assembly on November 16, 2016, and was forwarded to the Committee on Defense and Armed Forces of the French parliament, according to a copy of the bill, which copy is available to Echorouk.

MPs who signed on the provocative proposal stated that this step is complementary to the official recognition of the President Hollande in September 25, 2016, for the responsibility of France towards the Algerian fighters in the ranks of the French army, during the Algerian war, and who are called sometimes the fertilized or similar forces, and who have been abandoned and slaughtered or were left in camps in the French cities, asserting that the Harkis and their descendants' number reaches over 500.000 people.

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