FAF bows to CAF President Hayatou …deprives Algerians of TV broadcasting of World Cup qualifiers

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icon-writer By: Tewfik Amara /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The standing issue of the transfer by Moroccan and Egyptian Televisions of their country’s team matches in the ongoing 2018 World Cup qualifiers, the first one versus Côte d'Ivoire and the second against Ghana, has been raised to the Algerian Football Federation’s officials, led by President Mohamed Raouraoua, notably concerning the marketing of the fixtures of Algeria’s "Desert Warriors" and the sale of the rights of broadcasting for World cup qualifiers.

However, this situation was dealt with by the Algerian Football Federation with much “complacency” and even some "selfishness", with Mr Raouraoua missing the possibility of allowing the Algerians living abroad to watch Algeria’s World Cup qualifiers at least for the matches played in Algeria, and the opportunity for the national public television to gain revenues from the re-marketing of these football confrontations, and perhaps a chance to negotiate deals from a position of strength to secure the broadcast rights for the CAN 2017.

The Moroccan and the Egyptian Football Associations, refused to waive the rights to broadcast World cup qualifiers played on their home soil in favor of the CAF, and took advantage of the force of the law that allows them to sell those rights to those parties they consider appropriate, by notably waiving these rights  in favor of the two national Satellite TV channels for free, so as to give the opportunity for all spectrums of society to follow the fixtures, even those people living outside their two countries.

Officials in Morocco and Egypt, consider to this effect the issue of marketing of the world cup matches of the national teams of their respective countries as a matter of "sovereignty", especially if we know that the Federations give up their rights to the CAF for a sum of 50 thousand dollars for each game, while the latter, thus becoming the owner of the exclusive rights of these matches, sells the broadcast rights for millions of dollars.

As the Algerian football federation being unable to stand up to the CAF, observers wonder if the Algerian national television, backed by the Algerian state is willing pay at least $ 10 million dollars, (about 180 billion centimes in Dinars), to allow the Algerians follow the confrontations of the "Greens" in the African Nations Cup contest slated for early 2017 in Gabon, at the peak time of all-out austerity and the policy of utter rationalization of expenditures as a result of the steady decline of oil prices on the world market.

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