Police catches international network which counterfeits money in Algeria

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icon-writer By: Kahina. I. / English version: M. A.

Specialized economic and financial police caught the most dangerous international network which counterfeited hard and local currency.

The network mastermind comes from Mali. He told his victims that he sought investment in Algeria and wanted to set up a real-estate union in partnership with someone else.

A man living in the province of Boumerdes posted an advertisement to sell the house of his mother. He received an email from the Malian national, saying he is living in France and seeking investment in Algeria. He proposed to be his partner in building and selling houses. They fixed an appointment.

The victim told the police that he met the Malian national’s brother who gave him a bag carrying 1 million Euros. He discovered in that bag green sheets of paper, a glass bottle, a liquid, a plastic bag containing a grey substance and a broken bottle of mercury.  

The Malian man asked the victim to give him money in return for laundering bills of 1,000 DZ and 2,000 DZ. 

The police set a plan in the town of Rouiba. The suspect was caught as he had an appointment with the suspect to receive 1.2 billion centimes.

Investigations showed that the suspect carried out this illegal criminal activity with his partners.

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