Egypt Provides A List Of 56 Algerian Soldiers Who Died In Arab-Israeli War

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icon-writer Wahiba Slimani/English version: Dalila Henache

National Association of Middle East War Veterans praises the move by the Egyptian leadership to provide a list of Algerians who were martyred in the Arab-Israeli wars in the period between June 1967 until October 6, 1973.

Egyptian list includes Algerian military personnel, who were treated in Egyptian hospitals after being injured in the field of honor and who suffered injuries and impairments, as their number, according to the list's copy that is available to Echorouk, is 56 martyrs which were not declared by Egyptian authorities in the past years, and now this list is provided in the framework of the celebration of the anniversary of October 6th, which Egypt's Victory Day on the Israeli army.

Chairman of the National Association of Middle East War Veterans, Gaid Saleh, said that it is clear that the Algerians who were martyred in the war zone, were taken to Algeria and there are no skulls of our martyrs in Egypt.

"This is the list of Algerian military personnel who died in hospitals in Egypt due to dangerous injuries during the Arab-Israeli war between 1967 and 1973, but it was not provided by the Egyptian authorities until about 43 years after the end of the war."

For reference, the military personnel in the list of the Egyptian leadership are soldiers from the brigade 1,2,4, and 6 armored brigade, with the rank of sergeant and pilots from the Air Force squadron.

In 1967, the soldiers Siki Tayeb, Ahmad Soleimani were perished. In 1968, the soldiers Ahcen Hejailia, Khamissi Joualia, Saleh Younsi, Said Baghka and Rabeh Ben Hani died.

In 1969, soldiers Ammar Saad Allah, Mohamed Kai, Kouider Shami, Rebai Medjadjia, Amar Boudoumi, Hadi Ghorabi, Ali Boukaida, Sabti Kachnouche, Ahmed Bouafia, Omar Al Haddad, Lakhdar Bouzair and Abdelkader Remchi died.

In 1970 there was a large number of martyrs of the National People's Army personnel, who participated in the war against Israel, and for those who died after succumbing to wounds in Egyptian hospitals, there was, Abdelkader Gharbi, Bachir Sassi, Rabeh Allali, Moustafa Derradji, Tayeb Ben Amar, Rezzig Sai, Ahmed Abdellatif, Ibrahim Ali Oucherfa, Ahmed Bouallag, Said Bourelekroun, Mokrani Saleh, Saleh Boudjenna, Ahmed Bouzemaren, Bachir Lakhal, Djalloul Lakhlaf, Mohamed Moncef, and Ahcen Leksir.

Marturs of the 1973 are; Yahia Cherif Razzouk, Rabihi Rebaioun, Ibrahim Fertassi, Saad Sedira, Amar Boukhetala, Ali Mohamadi, Ahmad Bouzouna, Mekki Bouziane, and pilots Mohamed Charif and Sheikh Ghafour.

During the year 1974, after the end of the war, Algerian martyrs died in Egyptian hospitals because they were seriously injured during the battle against Israel, and they are; the First Sergeant Saad Chenoufi, and the soldiers Abdelkader Boughanem, Rachid Daoui, 1st Corporal Kada Mesbah, the soldier Hadj Mohamad Habri, the pilot Nabil Tallache, and the soldiers Moustafa Djouaidia, Mohamed Hani, and the last of them was the pilot, Mahmoud Zaidi.

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