Malicious French Parliamentary Campaign Against Algeria… And Our Parliament "Grins And Bears It"!

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icon-writer By: Mohamed Lahouazi /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The French National Assembly (Parliament), is about to endorse a new draft law meant for the recognition of the forsaking by France of the “Harkis” and their relatives in Algeria claiming that the latter had been subjected to "collective massacres", as part of a creeping "parliamentary" war waged by France against Algeria for several years now, while Algeria's parliament has remained silent on the issue and seems to have "to given up"!

The contentious bills proposed by MPs in the French National Assembly, often contribute to poisoning the Algerian-French relations which are sometimes calm and prone to tension at other times. 

The beginning of this adverse French campaign was marked by the ratification by the French parliament on November 29, 2005 by a majority of votes of a law on the glorification of horrendous French colonialism, a law which sparked off widespread controversy as it was adopted on 23 February of the same year, and which secured the backing of the votes of 183 deputies against 94.

This burning issue touched off a bitter confrontation at that time between Algeria and France as it delayed the signing of a friendship agreement between the two countries, amid calls on the Socialist and the Communist deputies and members of the ruling Union for democracy in France (center) to act forthwith to rescind this much contentious law.

In Algeria, however, the listless parliament did not move a finger to respond to this villainous law, despite reported news about the movements of some "individual" deputies who push for the enactment of a law that firmly condemns France for its criminal colonial misdeeds!

Moreover, the year 2016 saw the largest number of bills put forward by the French National Assembly, related to the somber colonial past of France in Algeria, which raises a lot of questions about the objective and the timing of this endeavor and which is regarded as very detrimental to French-Algerian relations, according to manifold political analysts.

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