Applicants to pay 25,000 DZ or 60,000 DZ to get passport in Algeria

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icon-writer By: Samira Belamri / English version: M. A.

Members of the People’s National Assembly will vote on the financial draft act on Tuesday after they failed in making changes to it.

Deputies made 65 propositions to the draft law. Yet, none of them was in favour of citizens. All the articles which stipulate taxes raise will be voted without being changed.

The financial draft act 2017 shows that members of Parliament proposed an article stipulating to cut a sum from the salary of the State’s senior executives and deputies.  

A change would be made to Article 18. The tax on 24-page-passport stamp will be fixed at 25,000 DZ while the tax on 48-page-passeport will be increased to 60,000 DZ instead of 45,000 DZ. This will be applicable for applicants who want their passport within 5 days.

The 6,000 DZ and 12,000 DZ tax will be maintained for people who do not apply for express passports. If the passport is lost, any Algerian living abroad will have to pay 10,000 DZ added to the tax on the old passport.

Parliament’s Finance and Budget Commission approved to include a new article stipulating tax raise on alcoholic drinks by 10 percent. 

The Commission also approved changes to Article 108 stipulating the settlement of building with violated licences by paying 10 to 25 percent of the real-estate value. This will come in force as from January 2018.

Changes to Article 107 were also approved. The tax on imported wheels is fixed at 750 DZ for heavy cars and 450 DZ for light cars. A total of 35 percent of this tax will be granted to municipalities, 35 percent to the State’s budget and the remaining 30 percent will be offered to the National Solidarity Fund.

A new article will be introduced to reduce electricity invoice in the south by 65 percent for families and farmers and 25 percent for economic activities.


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