Algeria releases biometric professional card for judges

date 2016/11/22 views 120 comments 0

icon-writer By: Imene Aouimer / English version: M. A.

Algeria’s justice minister Tayeb Louh Monday said a biometric professional card will be issued for judges and justice employees to make administrative procedures easier.

“This card allows judges to get work certificate, pay statement and annual vacation certificate electronically signed without going to the ministry in Algiers,” Louh told Parliament.

 He criticized the marginalization of justice reforms, saying “in spite of what has been done, all the taken procedures were not mediatized and valorised.”

He mentioned new projects and procedures in the justice sector. They include the promotion of administrative and judicial management, electronic signature, central data base for nationality certificate and criminal record and a special application for legal cases.  

The minister announced that a third “secret” centre will come in force added to two others. They are meant to preserve citizens’ documents and information.




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