Boualem Djebar: "Algerians To Obtain E-cards To Rent Houses, Buy Cars"

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icon-writer Imane Kimouche/English version: Dalila Henache

Preparation started in the repayment of consumer loan installments through the e-card, thus Algerian will be able to acquiring these goods without going to the bank, and it comes to cars othe type Algerian "Symbol" and Hyundai cars, which marketing will be launched within a few days, through agreements between a number of banks and "Tahkout" group, Chairman of the Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions, Boualem Djebar, told Echorouk, on the sidelines of the Algerian-Emirati Investment Forum that was organized on Tuesday, at Algiers Palace of Nations.

"Government is considering the possibility of launching the marketing of products that are included in the consumer loan formula, and it comes to cars, furniture and electronic and electric households, and all the list that is contained in the decree in the Official Gazette since almost a year".

"Generalizing the process on the consumer loan will contribute to the recovery of the loan and facilitating its access to citizens, instead of going to the banks and pay premiums every time amid long queues, and the reimbursement of rent, and premiums of AADL houses, and all the government offices of Real Estate, can be done electronically before the end of the year". 

"Paying of taxes will also be done electronically to a number of major institutions and businessmen before the end of the year, within the framework of the campaign that was initiated by the government to recover the tax money, which falls in the heart of the actions that were taken backside, to facilitate the recovery of levy funds".

On the delay of a number of banks in launching the consumer loan, Djabbar said that the financial institutions in Algeria are free to take the class that fits for sale in installments, or in launching this service or not, and they are not obliged to do so, explaining that most banks have begun the marketing of cars that are produced locally.

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