Who Wants To Scuttle The Stability And Dynamics Of Mobilis?!

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icon-writer By: Hassan Houicha /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Minister of Posts and Information and Communication Technologies has appointed two new Managing Directors for the mobile phone Company Mobilis and Algérie Télécom Satellite (ATS) while she confirmed Tayeb Kebbal at the head of Algérie Telecom Company that he was already running on an interim basis.

What could be retained from these two new appointments is that the two lucky ones are former executives of the insurance company “Alliance Assurance”. 

Indeed, Ahmed Choudar, the new Mobilis CEO, had previously held the position of General Manager of “Alliance Assurance” in 2010/2011, before joining “Trust Insurance and Reinsurance” in 2012. 

The new General Manager of Algerie Telecom Satellite (ATS), Anouar Mohamed Abdelouahed, has, for his part, held the position of Regional Director of “Alliance Assurance” for the eastern wilaya or province of Sétif, a position he has only recently left.

The outstanding question arises as to the value of placing two insurance specialists at the head of two vital Companies in the strategic ICT sector ?!

The replaced Mobilis CEO Mohamed Habib, is known to have run during his tenure the Mobilis company with high managerial skills because he knows the telecommunications sector remarkably and his unexpected replacement by inexperienced Ahmed Choudar is for manifold observers flabbergasting and raises many daunting question-marks.

It should be noted that during the eleven-month tenure of Mr. Mohamed Habib, the Mobilis Company bolstered its “number one” position in the national ITC market and garnered profits estimated at more than $1 billion dollars as turnover.

Circles inside Mobilis have reportedly expressed objection to the appointment of Ahmed Choudar in the top rostrum of the Company, due to the fact that the latter had previously failed experiences in other Companies, all the more so that Ahmed Choudar is known to have no experience at all in the vital telecommunications sector.

Numerous observers say that this untoward about-turn may well slow down or even undermine the vital stability and upward dynamics witnessed by the Mobilis Company over the past few years.

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