Algeria drops 6,479 applicants from AADL housing program for cheating

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icon-writer By: Sofiane. A. / English version: M. A.

Authorities dropped 6,479 applicants 2001-2002 from AADL housing program. This came as they counterfeited documents and made false declaration about their properties and fiscal situation.

The housing ministry said an investigation was conducted in collaboration with the interior ministry and social insurances national funds for employees. It showed that a number of applicants made false declaration and will be prosecuted.

Their number reached 6,479. Of them, there are those who made a false declaration about their marital status, 5,647 lied about their contributions to the insurance fund.

The ministry added in its release that it carried out an investigation into 10,839 cases to check martial status.

The investigation showed that 1,995 of those applicants did not declare that they are married. Of them, 832 made a false declaration as they got married before updating their applications in 2001.

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