Intellectuals hold Arabic language responsible for declining education in Algeria

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icon-writer By: Walid. A. / English version: M. A.

French Le Monde newspaper Tuesday published a statement made by a number of intellectuals denouncing what they call “new salafism in Arabic.”

The statement held the education sector responsible for this religious trend, which has characterized Arabic language for the last few years.

It was signed by historian Ahmed Djebbar, Professor Abderrezak Dourari, former member of the FLN party Mohamed Harbi, novelist Wassini Laaradj, the former foreign minister’s daughter Khoula Taleb Ibrahimi and historian Houari Touati.

They said Arabic language should be liberated from historical heritage and religious aspect.

They described the situation as bad which harmed Arabic. 

They believe that education is declining after 60 years of independence. They defended Islam, saying it is not a religious only but a culture. “Unfortunately, logic has disappeared among those speaking and defending Arabic in the name of Islam.”

The intellectuals held those who defend Arabic responsible for its declining situation.

They called for eliminating this linguistic culture among Algerians who believe that Prophet Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him) prefers Arabic as it is the paradise language.

The intellectuals implicitly defended Algerian education minister Nouria Benghebrit as they evoked a teacher who posted a video defending Arabic.


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