Algeria counted Over 1,000 New Cases Of AIDS Each Year

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icon-writer Zahira Medjrab/English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria recorded over 1,000 new cases of "AIDS" annually with a perceived low rate, especially with regard to cases of HIV transmission from mother to baby, as the number stabilizes at 04% over the last two years, UNAIDS Algeria manager, Adel Zeddam said.

"Treatment reached 90% of the total infected, which confirms the ability of Algeria to win the challenge that was launched for the elimination of AIDS on the prospects of 2030".

UNAIDS Algeria Director added during a press conference that was organized, Wednesday, at the national radio, that the number of people who are living with AIDS reached at the end of last September, over 10300 cases, as most of them are undergoing rebounds and periodic treatment by competent medical services, which is part of the new strategy that is adopted by Algeria to eliminate the disease, and to reach the ratio of less than 500 cases in 2020.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization's representative, Dr. Lilia Oubraham, praised Algeria's efforts in the fight against AIDS, which is evident through the physical and human support that is provided in order to help the injured, and its keenness on early diagnosis, treatment and accompaniment after treatment, in addition to the awareness campaigns for all categories of society.

"Doctors are very keen to accompany mothers who are living with AIDS during pregnancy and provide health care for them, which contributes in reducing the transmission of the virus to the fetus.

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