Vincenzo Nesci: “VAT hikes are a snag but we haven’t decided yet on raising prices of mobile Internet”

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icon-writer By: Hassan Houicha /*/ English Version: Med.B.

Mobile phone operator “Djezzy” aims to cover 20% of the Algerian population with its 4G network by the end of 2016. This network will span 20 wilayas or provinces by next December, according to its CEO Mr Vincenzo Nesci.

The mobile operator Djezzy is expanding its 4G network to 13 additional provinces of Algeria. Inland cities as well as coastal cities are now connected to this 4G network. These include Algiers, Boumerdes, Bouira, Oran, Tlemcen, Mostaganem, Skikda, Batna, Tizi Ouzou, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Ain Defla and the province of El Oued. 

In October 2016, the operator opened the 4G service in the provinces of Sétif, Constantine and Djelfa, in accordance with the commitment made with the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ARPT).

The launch of 4G in the 13 new provinces was announced on Wednesday in Algiers by Djezzy CEO Mr Vincenzo Nesci. At a press conference, he argued that Djezzy is making greater efforts than its competitors in expanding 4G coverage across the national territory. 

The mobile phone operator held at a rate of 51% by the National Investment Fund, has invested a billion dollars for the development of the 4G network, he explained. 

"We will cover 20% of the Algerian population by the end of the year", he promised, adding that the operator plans to connect 4 other provinces as early as next December to its brand-new 4G network.

He however  noted that the latest VAT increases as provided for by the 2017 Finance Law could, if need be, lead to a slight upward revaluation of mobile Internet prices, especially for 4G internet connection and could also have an adverse impact on the Company’s projected investments.

By exposing the small transportable 4G modem, he explained to the press that this technological device "will allow many households to have access to broadband Internet" especially in the southern Algerian cities. 

The Djezzy CEO believes there is a greater potential in these remote cities due to the lack of connectivity to the fixed telephone network.

Regarding digital content, he waxed rather optimistic as to the evolution of the web in Algeria, claiming that his company is planning to sign agreements with several manufacturers to expand web services like "IMadrassati", a paid-for web content for pupils in the three cycles of studies in numerous primary, secondary and high schools across the country.

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