France Allows Same-Sex Marriage For Algerians On Its Territory!

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icon-writer By: Hassan. H /*/ English Version: Med.B.

In a flabbergasting move, the French Justice Ministry has repealed bilateral agreements with Algeria, with respect to the norms and conditions of mixed marriages which should be determined by reference to the personal circumstances of the laws of the country of origin, through the issuing of an instruction licensing the possibility of same-sex marriage for the Algerians if they wish so on French soil.

In a provocative and suspicious conduct imbued by the French authorities’ covert intention to target customs of Algerian society and Islamic traditions and foster the dissemination of moral decay, the French Justice Ministry has ordered Keeper the Seals and the Courts not to object to record and officially endorse contracts of marriages of same-sex (gay) even for the Algerians on French soil  in blatant disregard for the bilateral agreements signed with Algeria that provide for the return to the personal status Law.

The French Justice Ministry has thus stated without blinking and despite bitter opposition from numerous MPs and civil society members that marriage with a foreign person of the same sex has become possible on French soil for people from Algeria, Laos, Cambodia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Morocco and Poland.

 With the adoption of this untoward law allowing marriage for all, France becomes the 14th country in the world to open marriage to homosexuals. In Europe, such civil unions have existed notably since 2001 in Germany and since 2007 in Switzerland.

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