Algiers Meeting: Over 2,000 Investors To Search Ways Of Diversifying Away From Oil

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icon-writer By: Ahmed Alioua / English version: Dalila Henache

Algiers will host, from 3 to 5 December, the largest African Investment and Business Forum "Algiers Meeting", bringing together more than 2,000 Head of enterprises and influential personalities, including politicians and businessmen, in order to cooperate in the formulation of the new economic dynamics of the continent.

Oxford Business Group, which an international company for publishing, research and consultancy services, revealed that it will be the official partner for "Algiers Meeting", which will be held at the international conference center in the capital, and which is supported by the Algerian government and the Forum for Businessmen (FCE).

Algiers meeting is considered by Ibrahim Ben Abdessalam, Vice President of the Heads of Enterprises Forum (FCE), an opportunity to look to a common vision to achieve a clear and balanced ambitions, as Algeria plans to play a pivotal and catalytic role to transform the African Economic Zone into one of the most important economic regions worldwide.

Africa's future depends on its economic and social development, thus the technological projects in various countries of the continent are extremely important at this level, and Algeria is seeking to play a key role in the march towards the African desired future, through its efforts to diversify its economy and develop the value chain; as the country, in the framework of a long term strategy, to diversify its economy and stimulate direct investment in the continent, and support investments between the African countries in a thoughtful and sustainable way for the benefit of all the concerned parties.

The conference gives business leaders a platform for communication and exchange of ideas, and promote trust and understanding links between them; and aims primarily to gather the most important businessmen from the public and private sectors, and the most important producers and consumers, with the aim to find common solutions to the major challenges for the development of the African economic capacities, and contribute to the implementation of the African Union plan to stimulate trade between the countries of the continent.

For his part, chairman of the Young Businessmen's Affairs at the business forum, said that the conference will deal with the "five fundamentals" that are required to build a collective and sustainable action, namely agriculture, energy, financial services, digital technology, and human capital.

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