Algerians On Social Media: "We Wish Fires Will Burn Israel"

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icon-writer By: Samir Mkharbech / English version: Dalila Henache

Algerians watched the fires that spread currently in Israel and opined in the scenes of fires that devoured the entity, through their comments on social networks because it comes to an usurping and unjust entity.

Algerians agreed on revenge and wished the glow of fire will continue, and wish fires will be successful in burning all parts of Israel, a slogan that was inspired by some of them from the preacher Sheikh Mishary Bin Rashid Al Afasy, who said openly, saying: "All the best for the fires, Israel is burning", a statement that revealed hatred of many Algerians and other Muslims across Facebook and Twitter, who expressed anger of the usurping entity. 

Some Algerian said the fires are the punishment of Allah to the Israelis after preventing Athan in Jerusalem using the quotes of Koran that are, saying: "And who is more unjust than those who forbid that Allah's Name be glorified and mentioned much (i.e. prayers and invocations, etc.) in Allah's Mosques and strive for their ruin? It was not fitting that such should themselves enter them (Allah's Mosques) except in fear", and "Would any of you wish to have a garden with date-palms and vines, with rivers flowing underneath, and all kinds of fruits for him therein, while he is striken with old age, and his children are weak (not able to look after themselves), then it is struck with a fiery whirlwind, so that it is burnt? Thus does Allah make clear His Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses) to you that you may give thought".

Some of them pray and say: "Allah show us miracles in this fire", and "Heal our chests from them and kill them, Oh Allah kill them by numbers and do not leave one of them", and other comments and prayers that were associated with the images of Israel's burning fires.

These comments fed up after the televisions broadcast fire during which one of the Israelis said whenever we extinguished fire it burned more, which is an argument that opened the door to talk about the torment that is chasing the Jews in every corner. 

Algerians today like fire because it burned Israel, and there is no talk about the emotions and human values ​​with the occupying entity that committed various massacres and crimes against civilians and kids in Palestine. 

This fire was an opportunity to remind the world of Israeli crimes and published pictures of the injustice of the Zionists and their attacks on children and women in Palestine, with a large number of shares for the image of the child Mohammed al-Dura and his father. While some Algerians preferred sarcasm and some of them wrote, "If you are bleak, remember that Israel is burning!", and some others use the fires' pictures for their Facebook cover images, adding a small phrase which read; "Best picture of the year 2016 .. Israel is burning", while another person made it a game through showing pictures of fires and asking people; "If you do not press like, this means that you are with Israel". 

All of these comments reflect the Algerians' hatred against the usurping entity that pulled people from the circle of sympathy and solidarity, even if it comes to a natural disaster.

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