Morocco’s attempt was a failure, says Algerian minister

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icon-writer By: Abdessalam Sekia / English version: M. A.

Minister of Maghrebin and African affairs Abdelkader Messahel said Morocco’s attempt to exclude the Sahrawi Republic from the Arab African Summit in Malabo was a “failure.”

Messahel said the Moroccan attempt failed thanks to the African states “without exception.” “None of the African states showed reserved about what the African Union defends based on its principles.”

The minister’s remarks reflected Algeria’s position about Morocco’s attempt to spoil the Summit.

“This result shows that the African continent stands against all the attempts meant to shake its stability. What happened is a lesson to anyone who wants to divide Africa. It is a very positive result in history,” he told an Algerian radio channel.

He also said the “Moroccan attempt failed as it faced strong African will.”

“There is an African unanimity to respect the African organization principles. Morocco is a neighbour country which wants to join the African Union. Yet, it proves once again that it.

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