Algerian-Saudi Cooperation: Cruise Line To Export Products To The Kingdom

date 2016/11/27 views 366 comments 0

icon-writer Hassen Houicha/English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria and Saudi Arabia will open a cruise line and new flights to stimulate exports and imports movement, Business Manager of Saudi Arabia Embassy to Algeria, Abdullah al-Shammari, said.

"Exchanges between the two countries has not yet reached the desired level".

Abdullah al-Shammari added, on the sidelines of a ceremony for the return of regular flights of Saudi Arabia Airlines to Algeria, in the weekend, at Algiers Sheraton hotel, that the cruise line, which will be launched directly to transport goods will open early next year.

"We wish this line, that was previously agreed upon and was not implemented, will open this time, in order to serve the two countries, especially in the industry and agriculture fields".

"Economic relationships between the two countries did not reach the desired level yet, as the bilateral trade reached $ 600 million of Saudi Arabia exports to Algeria, and $ 6 million of Algerian exports to the kingdom".

"Umrah visas' procedures will be easier, and will take only 24 days for issuance since the passport is deposited in the morning and it will include a visa on the same day. Number of Algerian pilgrims reached over 370.000, with an increase of 100.000 from the previous season".

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