"Glorification Of Colonialism" Used As Password By All Presidential Candidates In France

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icon-writer By: Mohamed Meslem /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The defense of the somber colonial past of France in Algeria has become a common denominator in the various French presidential candidates’ campaign speeches, regardless of their backgrounds and political ideology, marking a stark retreat from the position held on this outstanding issue by two French Presidents namely François Hollande and Nicholas Sarkozy.

In this line, for Francois Fillon, who is the most likely candidate to represent the right (Republican Party) in the French Presidential polls slated for early next year, colonialism was merely "an exchange of cultures", and he announced his readiness to revamp the educational system in the country to allow for the teaching of the “positive side of colonization”, as he put it.

Fillon will be pitted among others against another candidate representing the left, namely Emmanuel Macron, a former economy minister in the government of Manuel Valls assigned by President Francois Hollande.

Emmanuel Macron seems to have departed from the political literature of the French Socialist Party about the somber colonial past of his country in Algeria, by arguing in this regard: “In Algeria, there was torture, but there was also the emergence of the state and the wealth in addition to layers of a middle-class society, and that was the truth about colonialism. There were then elements of urbanization and others of brutality”, as he put it. 

As a matter of fact, Macron’s offensive statement meant clearly the glorification of France’s heinous colonial crimes which had been previously condemned by manifold French politicians.

In addition to these two candidates, Marine Le Pen, a candidate of the far right (FN), who is the most aggressive towards Algeria, as she branded the Algerians’ demand to France to apologize for its horrendous colonial crimes in Algeria as an "insult" to her country, and considers President Francois Hollande’s recognition of the French massacres of October 17, 1961 which targeted peaceful Algerian demonstrators in Paris as “kowtowing” to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

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