Algeria: 65 terrorists, including women surrendered willfully to ANP Army

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icon-writer By: Nouara Bachouche /*/ English Version: Med.B.

Four terrorists surrendered Sunday to security authorities in the border area of Tarat, the operational sector of In Amenas, in the southern part of Algeria, the Ministry of National Defense announced in a statement.

"As a result of the sustained counterterrorism efforts made by the People's National Army (ANP), four terrorists gave themselves up on  Monday, 27 November 2016, to security authorities in the border area of Tarat, the operational sector of In Amenas (4th military region)," the statement said.

The terrorists "were carrying four Kalashnikov submachine guns and eight full magazines," the statement underlined, disclosing that the four terrorists, who were the target of search warrants, were B. Djelloul, B. Abdelmalek, B. Miloud and B. Cherif.

In addition, ANP detachments "seized on 26 November 2016 two Kalashnikov submachine guns, three cartridge clips and a sizable quantity of ammunition, following search and combing operations in the southern area of In Guezzam (6th military region)" .

Security sources told “Echorouk” that 65 terrorists including women willfully surrendered to ANP forces between the months of January and October 2016, noting in this connection a hike in the number of such surrenders compared to previous figures.

"These results come as a result of successful counter-terrorism operations conducted by the ANP detachments in close coordination with the various security services and the efficient use of intelligence and information," said the MND statement.

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