Abdelkader Messahel: "Foreign Bases In Neighboring Countries Is Not Our Business"

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icon-writer Hassen Houicha/English version: Dalila Henache

Presence of foreign bases in the neighboring countries is not Algeria's business, Maghreb, African Affairs and the Arab League Minister, Abdelkader Messahel said.

"Each country must assume its responsibilities regarding the licensing for US drones to carry out strikes on its territory".

Messahel explained, on Monday, at the opening of the works of the fourth public session for the forum on counter terrorism and the strengthening of the Sahel region's capacities, in the sidelines of the fight against violent extremism in the region, at Algiers Nations Palace, that what is happening about the presence of foreign military bases in the neighboring countries, and what can be posed from efforts, the path of mediation and the fight against terrorism is not Algeria's business.

"When we speak up and say there are foreign bases this matter does not concern us. Deal between the countries including the countries that might need aid in the training and the fight against terrorism".

With regard to the Tunisian authorities' permission for US drones to carryout strikes on the Tunisian territory, Messahel said he had no reaction or statement in this regard.

"Each country must take responsibility for what it is doing. There is a public opinion in Tunisia that has a reaction ... This matter is the Tunisians' business".

"President of the Libyan National Accord government,Fayez el-Sarraj, will visit Algeria. Algeria is mediating with all Libyan parties and have no problem with any party, and we received the representatives of all the Libyan parties".

"Algeria wished the dialogue between Libyans will be direct and without any foreign interference. Solution is ultimately in the hands of the Libyans".

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