Tunisian President: "There Is No Tension In Our Relationship With Algeria"

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icon-writer Messaoud Hodna/English version: Dalila Henache

Tunisian President, Beji Caid El Sebsi, denied any tension in the relationship with Algeria.

H said in an interview that was broadcast, on last Monday, on Al Arabia, TV channel, that media here and there does not always perceive that our relationship with our neighbors is at a high level of cooperation, fraternity and respect".

"Relationship between Tunisia and Algeria are an extension of the struggle for independence, the independence of Algeria and the independence of Tunisia, and you know that the Tunisian people and Tunisia have contributed strongly in the Algerian revolution and the struggle of the Algerian brothers for independence, and today Algeria is independent and sovereign. Tunisia is also independent and sovereign".

"Our relationships are excellent in the fight against terrorism, and we have a very excellent cooperation, so we do not have any problem, but the media here and there always cannot imagine the high level relationship and cooperation with our neighbors. We share brotherhood and respect".

It seems that El Sebsi was talking about the two issues, the First was about what was said as "disturbed" Algerians from authorities in Tunisia after allowing US drones to fly in its airspace to monitor the "terrorist actions" in Libya, and the response of the Minister for Arab and African Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel, who said: "The presence of foreign bases in our neighboring countries is not our business". The Second issue is the "last summer's crisis" relating to protests of Algerians on the Tunisian border crossings against the 30 TND tax that was imposed on them, which led Algeria to responde through imposing a tax on Tunisians who enter Algeria, in accordance with the principle of "reciprocity", as described by the Algerian Foreign Ministry's statement at the time.

El Sebsi adopted the Algerian view of resolving the Libyan crisis, and said: "Solution should be found by the Libyans".

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