Tunisia President Handle Angry Algerians

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icon-writer Mohamed Moslem/English version: Dalila Henache

Tunisia President, Beji Caid El Sebsi, reassured Algerians of the fears and concern after the creation of a US military base in Tunisia, in an attempt to absorb the official silent anger as a result of this decision.

El Sebsi said, on Wednesday, in the presence of PM Sellal who visited Tunisia, in order to attend an international Seminar on Investment: "Algerian and Tunisian security is one, and there is no territorial prejudice to the two countries".

Tunisian President's confirmation that Algeria's security is an extension of the security of his country, came after a statement that he made earlier, in which he confirmed that he signed a decree allowing American drones to use the Tunisian airspace, but he justified his decision saying that it is a military cooperation to counter terrorism in Libya.

This statement is added to another one, which the Tunisian President made, which is that Algeria will be insulated from the field of American drones, a justification that did not receive the required response, because the Tunisian authorities do not have the capabilities to monitor the movements of US drones, and it does not have an authority to guide if the Pentagon will decide to manipulate the terms of the Convention.

Tunisia president's decision faced a lot of controversy among media and political circles in Algeria, which considered that the creation of a foreign military base near the eastern border of the country, a stab in the back of a friend who did not stop providing support for a state that have not recovered yet from the economic fallout that were caused by the "Jasmine Revolution".

In spite of the weight of the establishment of a US military base in Tunis on the Algerian national security, but no formal criticism was made Algerian officials. All what was said in this regard, was only a bit of the blame that was wrapped in diplomatic language.

Previously, Minister of Maghreb and African affairs and the Arab League, Abdelkader Messahel, was asked about the case, and he only said that it is not Algeria's business, before he corrects this and blamed the State which made the decision, and confirmed that the Tunisian public opinion is against the establishment of a foreign military base in Tunisia.

Observers say that the meeting between the Tunisian President and PM Sellal, who represented President Bouteflika, is an opportunity to inform the Tunisian authorities, in a quiet protest on what was done by the Tunisian government, which seems that it took the decision since long ago, as there was a frequent talk, since more than a year, about the Tunisian government's approval for the establishment of a military base that belongs to NATO, on its territory, but the uproar that was caused by the leaks to the political and media circles in the two countries, were behind the hesitation of Tunisia authorities, before they surprised everyone again by taking the decision to establish a US base for drones, a decision that is not much different from the first one.

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