Makhzen Delegation Visits Israel To Gain Support For Western Sahara Occupation

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icon-writer Sofiane.A/English version: Dalila Henache

A Moroccan delegation visited the State of the Zionist entity in the context of mobilizing international efforts against the independence of Western Sahara, where there is currently a team of 16 people, made up of journalists, researchers and associations' activists, under the cover of combining culture, politics and tourism, and it will lasts about a week, and will end next Monday.

Moroccan delegation visited Israel two days ago, and is characterized this time by including Amazigh activists and journalists who are not related directly to the Amazigh issue, which means, according to observers that the delegation is on an official and intelligence mission specifically, and under a civilian popular cover, and therefore it transmitted the messages Makhzen Palace to the leaders of the enemy. 

It is expected that it will carry various activities in the "Yad Vashem" Institute, and the Israeli Knesset, with a tourist visit to the cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as reported, on Wednesday, by the famous website "Hespress".

Same source revealed that the names that exist within the Makhzen delegation are, Abderrahim Chahibi, a professor and researcher, BoubaKr Outadit, delegation coordinator, Abdullah Al Fariadi, an activist for the alleged "territorial integrity", and Abdennabi Adsalem, a journalist in the Amazigh channel, and other journalists who work for Moroccan TV channels, university students and teachers in secondary education.

Hespress quoted an academic researcher at the Science of Education, Abderrahim Chahibi, as saying that he is visiting Israel, citing that the Moroccan delegation will begin activities based on historical and educational Holocaust aspects at the Institute "Yad Vashem" for Holocaust studies, and the historical role of Morocco in the person of the Sultan Mohammed V and tribesmen for the protection of Moroccan Jews from the oppression of the Nazis.

Chahibi added that the Moroccan delegation will visit the Knesset (the Israeli parliament), where they will meeting with Israeli MPs, especially those who descended from Morocco, to discuss a range of issues, including ways to support Morocco's international issues, including the conflict with "The Polisario Front".

"Moroccan delegation will meet with Israeli officials to discuss ways of supporting cultural and religious pluralism in Morocco, including Amazigh, and meetings with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, in order to achieve a cultural rapprochement between Moroccan Jews in Israel and all Moroccans in the Kingdom".

Such programs that were announced for the visit just keep throwing dust in the eyes, to cover up the fact that the diplomatic mission aims to strengthen the rapprochement with Israel to gain more power in the defense of the Makhzen's ambitions of colonial expansion.

Visit of Makhzen's delegation to the Zionist entity came at a time when the kingdom is fighting a diplomatic battle to enter the house of the African Union, in an attempt to recruit the influence of Israel on the black continent, especially the east of Africa, in order to open outlets of hope for re-integration.

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