President Abdelaziz Bouteflika Approves An Amendment To Contentious Retirement Law

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icon-writer By: Mohamed Lahouazi /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The majority of deputies of the National People's Assembly (NPA) adopted on Wednesday (November 30th), the amendment to the draft retirement law presented by the Minister of Labor, Mohamed El Ghazi, and maintaining retirement after 32 years of service for a certain category of workers.

Mr Mohamed El Ghazi said that “this amendment has been presented under the guidance of the President of the Republic, Mr Abdelaziz Bouteflika," in a bid to defuse the tensions triggered off of late by the controversial draft retirement law.

"In fact, it is a transitional measure enabling people who have reached the age of 58 and who have completed 32 years of service to retire in 2017, and also enabling persons aged 59 and having fulfilled 32 years of service to benefit from retirement in 2018," noted an MP from the PT Party whose group voted against this provision, since “it affects only a small category of people and does not meet the legitimate demands of workers and trade unions".

For the latter, this "untoward worker law” does not solve the problems. "We nevertheless note positively the fact that the President of the Republic intervened personally and partially responded to the demands as the doors of the government and the parliamentary majority were closed in the face of trade unions and workers over this contentious issue," said to this effect MP Nadia Chouitem.

The draft law on retirement gave rise to a real shake-up and pandemonium in particular among trade union organizations, which organized cyclical strikes and demonstrations, the last of which took place in front of the Post Office in central Algiers to demand the withdrawal of this divisive piece of legislation.

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