Setting Up Of First “Think Tank” Observatory In Algeria to Counter Extremism Scourge

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icon-writer By: Sid Ahmed Fellahi /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Mr Mohamed Aissa, announced Thursday in Oran (western Algeria) the first important steps taken by the authorities in addressing the nefarious scourge of extremism, through the setting up of what he called a “Think Tank” Observatory for the purpose.

In this context, the minister referred to the projected creation of "Dar El-Ifta", a high religious body expected to see the day any time soon.

According to the religious affairs minister, it is "an Academy that will extrapolate all the Algerian scholars and all the scholars of jurisprudence, as well as the exegeses of the holy Koran with the aim of helping the Algerian society duly return to its prime religious landmarks in conformity with the authentic Sunna".

On the other hand, he added, and for the purpose of "immunizing all this lofty endeavor from any lapses, the relevant authorities have proceeded to the creation of an Observatory, or a “Think Tank” body,  meant to defend the national religious references by stamping out sectarian drifts and religious extremism, via a genuine intellectual approach". “These reliable instruments can block religious extremism”, Mr Mohamed Aïssa underlined.

Starting from this point, Mr Aïssa asserted that "Algeria has excelled in the matter of de-radicalization, the first struggle of which was made by arms in the 1990s, before the advent of the Charter for Reconciliation and Peace that defused the tensions and allowed well-trained Imams to de-radicalize young people and those who were influenced by extremist ideas," he argued.

The minister noted, however, that Algeria "still faces the hovering threat of religious extremism and sectarian drifts", saying that his ministerial department is working closely with the security services to efficiently combat and root out these scourges.

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