FIFA ranks Algeria 50 worldwide

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icon-writer By: Ali Bahlouli / English version: M. A.

Algeria’s football team lost 11 positions and ranked 50 worldwide in the last FIFA’s rankings posted on Tuesday.

This came as Algeria was excluded from the first round of the African Cup of Nations 2017 competition in Gabon.

Algeria also ranked 11th in Africa and 5th in the Arab world.

It has been the worst ranking for the national team ever since that of August and September 2011. Algeria then ranked 46 worldwide.

Egypt has become the vice-champion of the African Cup of Nations 2017 as the team gained 12 positions and ranked 23rd worldwide. Cameron gained 29 positions and reached the 33rd one worldwide and 3rd in the continent. It followed Senegal which gained two positions and jumped to the 31st position.

Nigeria gained 9 positions and reached the 41st one. Zambia lost 3 positions and fell to the 91st one.

Benin kept its 66th position worldwide while Togo lost 11 positions and ranked 101 worldwide. Gambia lost one position and fell to the 178th one worldwide.

Argentine still tops the list followed by Brazil, Germany, Chili and Belgium.

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