French Interior Minister, Bruno Le Roux To Visit Algiers

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icon-writer Mohamed Lahouazi/English version: Dalila Henache

French Interior Minister, Bruno Le Roux, is visiting here on Tuesday, Algeria, at the invitation of Algeria Interior and Local Communities Minister, Noureddine Badoui, to discuss the bilateral security cooperation and the fight against extremism.

A statement by the French Embassy in Algeria said that Bruno Le Roux will be received by the Prime Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, and Religious Affairs Minister, Mohamed Issa, to discuss the situation of Algerians in France.

This is the first visit of Bruno Le Roux to Algeria since he took office as France's Interior Minister, as it aims to boost cooperation between the two countries in the field of internal security and civil and territorial protection, and administrative governance as well.

French embassy explained that Le Roux visit Algeria, comes four months after the visit of the Algerian Interior and Local Communities, Noureddine Badoui, to France.

"This visit will contribute to the re-density of the relationship between Algeria and France, especially in the field of internal security cooperation, civil defense, territorial governance and management".

Le Roux is also expected to attend the launch of a European twinning project to support the strengthening of the civil protection services capacity, which was assigned to France and Spain.

Paris is seeking to reactivate the good relationships with Algeria that were affected during the recent period, especially with the embarrassment that was caused by its "young" candidate for the Presidential Elections, Emmanuel Macron, who asked France to recognize its colonial crimes in Algeria, which is was not desired by the French administration.

Algeria agreed, since weeks ago, to appoint Xavier Driencourt, as the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the French Republic to the Algerian People's Democratic Republic.

Xavier Driencourt served as ambassador to Algeria during the period between 2007 and 2012, before being appointed as General Inspector at the French Foreign Ministry, until he is re-appointed as head of French diplomacy in Algeria.

The visit of the French Interior Minister to Algeria aims to support his country's ambassador in addressing many of the files, including the further development of the Algerian-French relationships that noticed a quantum leap since the visit of the outgoing President François Hollande to Algeria in 2012, in addition to strengthening cooperation in other areas like security, considering that Algeria and France are one of the largest lines of the movement of the largest number of passengers whether Algerians or French, or members of Algerian community who are living in France.

Previously, Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Mohamed Issa, confirmed in a statement after a meeting with the candidate of the French Presidential Elections, Emmanuel Macron, recently, that Algeria's experience in the fight against extremism is positive, and that it can help Europe generally, and France, in particular in the fight against this phenomenon.

"We want France to build a peaceful and new relationship in the 21st century, between the French Republic and Islam, through combating through all the prejudices and confusion, and at the same time to make it a common requirement, which is important requirement given the strong presence of Algerians in France".

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