Harkis covet Algerians’ property

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icon-writer By: Mohamed Lahouazi / English version: M. A.

The lobby of Harkis and Pieds Noirs, former settlers who left Algeria after independence, and their descendants plans to come back to their alleged properties in Algeria. This raised concerns among the real owners of those properties.

Adrouz, a resident in the province of Bouira called for help from media to publish his story with an attempt to steal his farm.

He said he obtained the farm by virtue of an official decision issued by the State’s agriculture department.

He added that he has been in a conflict with a family known for their hostility towards the Liberation Revolution. He earns a very low allowance and could not continue investing in his farm. He undergoes continuous provocation from the hostile family.

“I could not accept the reality because I did not get my right. The judicial procedures have lasted for years. Now, I can not hire a lawyer because I do not have enough money. The hostile family deprived me of exploiting my farm,” he said.

“I obtained a permission to exploit the farm in 2010. Yet, continuous provocations deprived me of that. That family used judicial procedures against me,” he added.

He has documents which show that some administrations are involved in the judicial procedures which deprive the man of his right.

“I trust the justice of my country. I call for saving me from Harkis’ provocation and ending counterfeiting.

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