Government Considers A Proposal To Raise Retirement Age To 65

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icon-writer Samira Belamri/English version: Dalila Henache

Labor, Employment and Social Security Ministry is considering a set of proposals that will form the baseline for the preparation of a new draft law to amend and complement the recently revised pension law that raises the legal retirement age, after the recent amendment was limited to dropping the article on retirement beyond the required age, both on pre-retirement or relative retirement, in parallel with setting a list of professions that are concerned with retirement outside the required age.

Government sources told Echorouk that the executive branch is working to complete the modifications that have been included on the 83/12 law on retirement, as the government plans to review the legal retirement age, through making it similar to the legal age that is adopted by the majority of countries, and that is 65.

Same sources added that the Labor Ministry's proposals are initial in the subject and will be discussed at a joint ministerial Council, that will consider the text of justifications and the economic, social and financial implications of the new legislative text, before deciding about the adoption of the amendments or postponing it.

"A team of work in charge of preparing the proposals on a number of pension systems in the world as models of reference, including European and Arab systems, especially those that match with the social assurance systems and social security system in Algeria, just as it is for social security in France, where the retirement age is 65, as the government is likely to consider, in parallel with the proposals of the Labor Ministry, the list of arduous professions, which it promised to drop them out of retirement age by adopting an exception to the rule, for several reasons pertaining to the nature of the work."

It is known that the law that amended and complemented the law 83/12 on retirement, which approved the cancellation of Order No. 97/13 which establishes retirement without age requirement, raised a lot of controversy and faced considerable resistance by the independent syndicates, although the exception, which was approved by President Bouteflika.

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