UNWTO: Tourism Sector To Save Algeria's Economy

date 2017/03/10 views 2180 comments 0

icon-writer Reda Mellah/English version: Dalila Henache

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) included the tourism sector in Algeria as one of the main pillars for the advancement of the national economy and the creation of sustainable development, in view of its potential and the resources.

UNWTO praised, in its report, the launch of Algeria's first program for strengthening regional statistical capacity, asserting that the Algerian government has shown its commitment to create a very competitive tourism.

A report by the World Tourism Organization, which copy is available to Echorouk, show that the program of strengthening statistical capacity that was launched by Algeria, aims to facilitate the development of tourism statistics in line with United Nations standards on the regional level, and the gradual implementation of the sub statistics project for the sector, that is extending over three years 2017-2019, and to address the administrative functions of the national tourism, statistical offices and even banks and the immigration services.

UNWTO's report, that is based in the Spanish capital Madrid, comes as part of the technical assistance that is offered by the organization for the Member States, including the development of effective statistical systems that enabled Algeria to host the first workshop for the regional statistics for tourism, during last mid-February, that was framed by experts from the World Tourism Organization in order to raise the competencies of Tourism Ministry's frames, banking institutions and those in charge of the immigration offices, to control the statistical capacity, and is expected to organize a second workshop in 2018, followed by a final workshop in 2019.

General Secretary of the Organization, Taleb Rifai, praised, in the same report, the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism to put the sector at the heart of economic development policies, and to emphasize the importance of tourism statistics in the development of the sector.

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