Algerian Journalists Visit Tel Aviv At The invitation Of Israel

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icon-writer Mohamed Moslem/English version: Dalila Henache

Journalists from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are visiting the Jewish state, at the "dignified" invitation of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The visit was revealed by Ofir Gendelman, a spokesman for the Prime Minister of the Israeli occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gendelman confirmed that this visit came after an invitation from the Jewish state for those journalists, and the goal is "to know more about the real Israel".

He did not refer by name to any of the journalists who are in Israel, but the spokesman for Netanyahu published pictures of these journalists in front of the Israeli Foreign Ministry building, when they visited various places in the occupied Palestine.

Gendelman commented on the images, saying: "Journalists arrived today (Tuesday) in the Al-Aqsa mosque".

Zionist official added that the media delegation is visiting many Jewish state's institutions, including the Israeli Supreme Court, and the State Department and the Israeli Knesset, as a meeting is hold with Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian journalists, and some Knesset members.

Pictures which he published did not show the faces of Algerian journalists in the delegation which is visiting Israel, in light of reticence on their names, because the pictures showed figures who are not known to the media in Algeria.

It is not the first time in which Algerian journalists visit the Zionist state, as the first visit dated back to 2000, when a delegation of nine reporters visited Tel Aviv, where they were beaten with tomatoes and eggs by Palestinians during the visit, causing a great embarrassment to the Algerian state at the time, because it was the first of its kind, which forced the Algerian Foreign Ministry to hold harmless from this visit, in a statement which said that "the visit does not at all serve the interests of Algeria, adding that it concerned only the visitors".

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