Ba Amer defies sports minister

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icon-writer By: Hocine. K. / English version: M. A.

The President of the Algerian Football Federation’s Electoral Committee Ali Ba Amer Tuesday defied sports minister El Hadi Ould Ali, saying the date of the general assembly will be postponed to April 27th.

« In our capacity of an electoral committee of seven members, we held a meeting and examined the situation. We realized that laws were not respected. Because of that, we made the right decision and postponed the electoral assembly date to April 27th, » Ba Amer told a national radio channel.

This comes as the sports ministr fixed March 20th to hold the electoral assembly. Ba Amer rejected the minsiter’s invitation to attend the meeting.

« I am the President of the Electoral Committee. It is legitimate and independent. We held a meeting and made many decisions. I am committed to them. Otherwise, I do not care of anything else. I respect the sports minister. He is free to mee anyone, » said Ba Amer.

« The Electoral Assembly date may be changed due to the legislative elections campaign. Otherwise, the Electoral Committee will not change its decisions, » he added.



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