FLN MP Accused Of Spying Is Still Detained

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icon-writer Mariem.Z/English version: Dalila Henache

Judicial sources reported that the Indictment Chamber at Algiers Judicial Council, considered on Wednesday, in the appeal that was filed by the defense lineup of a former MP from the National Liberation Front party, who is called "B.A", in order to adjudicate a decision on the provisional release or keeping him in prison, which prompted the accused to recruit a defense team, that is made up of three lawyers, as an objection to detaining him by the investigating judge at the twelfth Chamber of Algiers Court of Abbane Ramdane.

It should be noted that the accused is followed by justice on charges of violating state security through spying.

Previously, the security services arrested him, as he currently resides under strict and extraordinary security detention, inside the penal institution of Algiers Bachdjarrah, after a hearing by the prosecutor, as investigations proved that he is involved in spying for the Spanish authorities.

According to Echorouk sources, the former MP is facing serious charges that may be due to a more severe punishment by law in this case, and it is impossible to benefit from provisional release in his case, especially after the research and investigation team monitored his calls and activity on social networks, and they found that he has a relationship with Spanish parties, that are involved in providing information that is prejudicial to the security and sovereignty of the Algerian state, through access to messages which he exchanged with the Spanish parties, and which indicate the presence of his comments on some of their publications.

 During the interrogation in the subject by the investigating judge, the accused denied all the charges against him, saying that his activities via "Facebook" were limited to "Likes" to publications that are published by Algerian reporters, and that the activity was ordinary and away from all the suspicions, and hinted that the charge against him was just a ploy by some parties.

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