Dismantling of foreign network involved in forging driving licenses and consular cards

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icon-writer By: Imène Boukhlif /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The services of the National Gendarmerie in Algeria succeeded in smashing a network of 10 persons of foreign origin from different nationalities specialized in forgery and use of forgery of administrative documents and impersonating the identity of others, as well as illegal immigration.

According to a statement issued Wednesday by the National Gendarmerie’s Regional Command, of which “Echorouk” received a copy, the operation was based on precise information related to the presence of a group of certain persons of foreign origin involved in forging international driving licenses and Consulate registration cards in order to deceive the security services for the purpose of ensuring the group’s free movement across the country’s provinces at will.

According to the outcome of the security investigations, it was established that the arrested counterfeiters, making up this nefarious ring, had entered Algerian territory  illegally, where they rented several luxury cars from rental agencies in the capital Algiers through impersonation of others' identities in order to be able to move around the country as part of their illicit and blameworthy activities.

In the wake of the wrapping up of the relevant investigations, the culprits comprising this trafficking ring were presented by the security services before the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Chéraga district (upper Algiers) in anticipation of their upcoming trial. 

For now, they’ve been remanded in custody by the examining Magistrate in charge of the file.

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