CAF CL: USM Algiers Escapes From "Hell-Like" Situation In Ouagadougou Stadium

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Qualified for the group stage of the CAF Champions League football competition, the defending Algerian champions of USM Algiers shut out the Burkinabe club of the Kadiogo by bowing only (0-1) in a away fixture played on Saturday afternoon in the 20th of August stadium of Ouagadougou.

Surprisingly, at the end of the game the Algerian representative had to face the violent reactions of some angry supporters of the local club.

"The USMA delegation went through a harrowing nightmare at the final whistle of the referee namely Mohamed Keita, and a great catastrophe was eventually averted," reports the official website of the Algerian club.

"Frenzied Burkinabe hooligans invaded the pitch of the Ouagadougou stadium to assault the Algerian players, the technical staff, the president and the managers, a rampage which was followed by a general brawl, which nearly entailed a disaster. 

Several members of the USMA delegation were slightly injured in the violent assaults but fortunately everyone was finally able to reach the locker room safe and sound," the same source noted.

It added: "The USMA delegation is currently in the stadium and has been taken in charge by the Algerian embassy personnel based in Ouagadougou, which will provide an escort and a large security apparatus on the way to the place of residence, stressing that the delegation’s flight back home is scheduled for 21.00".

The club’s press release concluded: "We specify that all members of the USMA delegation are in good health. We note only very minor injuries".

Tensions rose between the first leg and the return leg of this qualifying CAF fixture, when journalists from Burkina Faso reportedly criticized the fact that they had not received visas to travel to Algeria.

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